Aufnahmesession von «Swiss Diamond»

von Ariane von Graffenried 28. Juni 2017

Zurzeit leben und arbeiten die Mitglieder des Spoken-word-Ensemble «Bern ist überall» abwechselnd im Kosovo. Vom 15. bis zum 18. Juni machten mehrere in Pristina zusammen mit kosovarischen KünstlerInnen CD-Aufnahmen. – Hier der Beitrag von Ariane von Graffenried.


S:      Have you been to the Swiss Diamond Hotel?

A:      Which one do you mean?

B:      Quello di Lugano?

S:      Apo atë në Prishtinë?

B:      Das am Lago di Lugano, with the alps mirrored in your sunglasses?
Still waters in the babyblue pool but they don’t run deep.
The one with the famous Casino nearby,
where croupiers mark black jack cards,
where Eastern girls dance and privacy is guaranteed?

S:      Or do you mean the one overlooking Mother Theresa Square,
where city people stroll and smoke like chimneys
and blue hats, red hats, green hats, the United Nations,
bussiness women, secret agents and a poet
eat penne all’arrabiata oder Lammkotelett?

A:      I don’t care which one. I stare
at my trainers, sitting in the Cigar Bar Club
eating a «Swiss Diamond Cup»
S:      me Amaretti dhe Zabaglione.

A:      I love the Ennui in five Star Hotels.
B:      Marble…
A:      This silent agreement,
S:      like an international deal.

A:      I want to heal my soul.
I go to the the basement,
to the Swiss Medical Centre,
to check my kidney
S:      – you never know.

A:      A de Hotelbalustrade blühie Petunie  
i de Schwizer Landesfarbe.
I think about the country’s Landesnarbe
and my own scars.

And I think of this bar back home.
The bouncer at the door,
has a Prime Minister’s face.
Once we met in another place.

Daheim it was, but when?
B:      Another life, another another sin.
A:      Then he told me:
S:      «Bad girls don’t get in.»

B:      Exile, exit.
S:      Some go out
A:      u teu wei ine. I rest my head
on a non-allergenic pillow us Line,
Diamante schiine am Himmu. 

B:      Don’t be sorry, don’t you worry,
S:      Nothing is going to hurt you baby.
B:      See that man there at the door?
A:      That’s what you pay five stars for.